sequence editor/aligner for Mac

mcgraw%gandal.dnet at SERVER.UGA.EDU mcgraw%gandal.dnet at SERVER.UGA.EDU
Wed Feb 10 09:11:40 EST 1993


Can anyone point me to software that will help me to align and edit
sequences on my Mac?  I'm aware of programs that do automated alignments,
but that's not really what I'm after. I just want to take related
sequences (homologous genes from different species, for example), line them
up, and push them around manually.  A word processor is OK for short
sequences, but sequences longer than a few lines get messy.  I know there's 
something like this in the GCG package, but I'd prefer to do it on a
Mac in the lab/office.  Any suggestions?  

				Al McGraw

				mcgraw%gandal.dnet at

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