immuno blot - thanks

David E Bell bell at
Thu Feb 11 08:23:06 EST 1993

a simple experiment...                          

Thanks for all the ideas and hints i got !!
The only problem, i forgot to mention, that i did already dot blots without
SDS - and it is still not working !!!
I sticked conjugate, serum and antigen onto the NC.
Conjugate and serum were positive, but no antigen. Protein was detectable in big
masses on the NC.
So the problem seems really the binding of the serum Ig's to the presented
A good idea is trying PVDF instead of NC and to compare the whole procedure
with an animal model (serum, conjugate).
If I still have trouble come back to some of you !!

But really thanks !!!

University Aberdeen / Immunology
ugn4501 at

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