Biotinylated Probes

Ernest Retzel 1535 49118 ernest at
Thu Feb 11 03:40:13 EST 1993

I agree regarding incorporation of the biotin during synthesis.  It only looks
expensive from the cost of the reagent; near quantitative coupling of an entire
prep with one cycle makes it a very attractive alternative to enzymatic
synthesis.  I am fond of the 5' biotin with the spacer arm from Glen Research.

There are a variety of agents like this, including phosphorylation compunds and
fluors, in addition to amino linking agents.  They truly make your synthesizer
become a more powerful tool than just a primer factory.

Address for Glen Research:

Glen Research
44901 Falcon Place
Sterling, VA 22170
800-327-GLEN; FAX: 703-435-9774

No affiliation with them; no ties; nada, except that I buy a lot of stuff from
them, and am a very happy customer.

Ernie Retzel
ernest at

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