Boehringer Mannheim Genius

Michael van Waes bi__mvw at SELWAY.UMT.EDU
Wed Feb 17 16:56:54 EST 1993

>Has anyone tried the Boehringer Mannheim Genius Kit?  What has been your
>reaction.  We seem to be experiencing a great deal of lane background on 
>genomic Southern blots.  We use the MSI MagnaCharge and MagnaGraph membranes.
>Has anyone used any other types of membranes?  What have been your results?
>Charles and Yan
 I used it for both Northerns and Southerns, and it worked fine with Nytran
 membranes (S&S). Try it, maybe you can get a free sample (that's how I got it 
 the first time around).
 There is one thing though; S&S stopped making their Nytran, and they were
 getting their membranes from a different manufacturer. This was about 2 or
 three years ago, and I don't know were that stands now. They swear that the
 membranes both work the same, but I haven't tried the new one myself.

 Good luck                            Michael van Waes.

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