quantDNA whenRNApresent

ann baker mouse at LAMAR.COLOSTATE.EDU
Fri Feb 19 14:33:40 EST 1993

My DNA prep results in RNA remaining with the DNA. I don't want to use
RNAse becasbecause I will lose some DNA going through phenol-chloroform-etoh
ppt. What alterntives might be used? I have access to Hoefer TK0 102 standard
kit, TKO 100 minifluorometer that is supposed to work with Hoechst dye and
be accurate for 0.1 ng/uL DNA - contaminants that are ignored include RNA
and protein etc. I don't know if this is bis benzimide dye or not; don't
know how accurate readings are.

AEM Baker
Bio Dept  CSU
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