"frog" for microtiter plate-petri dish

Don Back BACKD at QUCDN.QueensU.CA
Fri Feb 19 08:12:48 EST 1993

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>From: herwig at u.washington.edu (Russ Herwig)
>Subject: "frog" for microtiter plate-petri dish
>Date: 19 Feb 1993 02:32:23 GMT

>Does anyone know of a commercial vendor for stainless steel "frog" that can
>be used to transfer bacterial cultures contained in a microtiter plate to a
>100 x 15 petri dish, or do I have to have the "frog" fabricated in my local
>machine shop.

>Russ Herwig
>Department of Microbiology SC-42
>University of Washington
>Seattle, WA  98195

Check SIGMA Chemicals, pg 1871 in 1993 catalog

Replica platter, 8 x 6  array R 2383   $175.00
                 8 x 12 array R 2508   $288.80
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