Nytran and Genius

Dave Knecht KNECHT at UCONNVM.bitnet
Fri Feb 19 09:36:03 EST 1993

I got this same story regarding S+S adn MSI regarding NYTRAN and Magna NT.  How
ever, in our hands the MagnaNT was definitely not the same as old Nytran.  This
 was particularly evident in Methylene blue staining of RNA in which Nytran was
 always the champ.  MagnaNT was nowhere near as good.  I also ran this story by
 the S+S people and they claimed that MSI was not selling the equivalent of Nyt
ran if that means anything.  We have found nothing that duplicates old Nytran b
ut will soon be testing the New NEw Nytran.  What a pain!  Dave

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