Silver Staining (was Re: SS dna analysis)

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Fri Feb 19 04:36:42 EST 1993

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> Although I usually use 32P to label the DNA (by doing PCR with 
> radiolabel included), I've also had good results by using silver
> staining. 

What is the detection sensitivity of silver staining of DNA? can one detect
single ng quantities (i.e. 1 pmole of oligo) or does one need like 100ng
(100 pmole of oligo)? I ask becuase i usually kinase my oligos after
synthesis to test them, and gel purify them after I know the approx. yield,
but we have some 5' blocked oligos that can't be kinased, and I don't want
to start with tailing with cordecypin. Not to mention it would be nice to
slip the labelling step.



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