HELP:nonmutagenic thermostable DNA polymerase

Andre Hamel hamel at
Mon Feb 22 18:02:51 EST 1993

In article <C2pMMy.8xM at> eschen at (Art Eschenlauer) writes:
>Does anyone "out there" routinely use a thermostable DNA polymerase 
>other than Taq for PCR-ing 2 kb fragments of DNA? I need a reliable one 
>that is not as mutagenic as Taq to clone some GC-rich DNA sequences. 
>Thanks. Please mail replies to eschen at

Try New England Biolab's Vent exo- pol which is more stable than Taq, has
1/10 the error rate (depends on ones definition) as Taq, is very
processive, about 25 cents/unit (US$).


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