Kanamycin resistance gene

Andre Hamel hamel at ccu.umanitoba.ca
Mon Feb 22 15:16:03 EST 1993

In article <9302182117.AA27049 at net.bio.net> JOFTOPSM at VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU (Jamie Stanek) writes:
>I am looking for a neomycin transacetylase gene that is ready to be inserted
>into the multiple cloning site of pBluescrpit sk-. Preferably, the gene will
>not be inserted between EcoRI and HindIII because that is where my other DNA
>is to go. If anyone has such a gene or knows of a high copy number E. coli
>vector that has a kanamycin resistance gene as well as a multiple cloning site
>please let me know.
>Thanx in advance.
>Jamie Stanek
>OR VOICE (703) 231-8939

Perhaps publications by V.N.Iyer of Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada may
be of help (particularly some that come to mind by Selvaraj of Iyer's lab,
back sometime around 1982 to 1987). There were vectors that were part of 
lineages of vectors that come to mind, so you may have to look at their
plasmid diagrams carefully. Sorry I don't have more specific details on
hand, but this was five years ago since I was last "intimate" with these
particular vectors (I modified some myself but they wouldn't be of use to
you due to too few remaining rest. endo. cleavage sites).


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