DNA extraction from blood clot - Quick'n'Easy method?

ivind Braaten oivindb at hippokrates.uio.no
Tue Feb 23 05:53:12 EST 1993

  I am posting this for a colleague.
  She has access to quite a few frozen blood samples,
and would like to check them for a specific mutation.
The blood samples are whole blood samples, sealed
with a gel (Microtainer (C) ), left to coagulate
and put in a freezer (- 20 deg centigr). 
  She does know how to extract DNA 'by hand' from these
samples. But since she would like to analyze at least
a couple of thousand of the samples, checking for the
mutation preferably by PCR, she would need a fast and
not very labour intensive (!) method for DNA extraction.
  If you have a clue/ hint about such a method, we would
be most grateful to hear from you.


Oivind Braaten,
Inst Medical Genetics,
Univ of Oslo,

E-mail: oivindb at ulrik.uio.no

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