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>In a previous article, fgarbrec at POST.ITS.MCW.EDU (Frederick Garbrecht) says:

>>What specifically do you need to know?  Pharmacia used to publish a
>>pamphlet called "Gel Filtration: theory and practice".  They probably
>>still do; you can likely get a copy by calling them up.  It has lots of
>>specific information on all their gel filtration products, as well as
>>general information on gel filtration.

>Our friends at Pharmacia now charge about $15 for the new edition of this
>formerly free booklet.  Its still worth the price.  The best theoretical
>discussion I have read on size exclusion chromatography can be found in the
>Protein Purification book by Janson and Ryter.
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Get a coupon from Pharmacia and send them back the counpon and the receipt(you must buy their products to get receipt). you can get a free booklet.

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