Fast way to screen fermintation cultures for Kasugamycin (2)

W. Scott Laughinghouse wsl4m at kelvin.seas.Virginia.EDU
Wed Feb 24 09:57:03 EST 1993

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Organization: University of Virginia

I am currently growing S. Kasugaensis for production of Kasugamycin.
I have two current methods for detection of this antibiotic in
the filtrate of my cultures.  The first is to take a 1 ml sample from
the shake flask and centrifuge and do a dabsylation of the sample.
This sample is then shot in an HPLC for detection.  This takes about
30 minutes for the dabsylation and 35 minutes for the HPLC work.  I
am looking for a faster and simpler method of detection.

The other method is Radioimmunoassay for Kasugamycin which I have
another department complete and this may take weeks to get results

Any suggestions and advice would be greatly appreciated !!!!

Thanks in advance

Scott Laughinghouse

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Scott Laughinghouse

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