mRNA selection-Whats the best way?

Andre Hamel hamel at
Thu Feb 25 09:27:56 EST 1993

In article <1993Feb23.164633.14128 at> parkes at writes:
>Dear Netters,
>I'm looking for some advice as to the best way to select mRNA with respect to
>the various options 
>1) Oligo dT column (I know about these)
>2) Glass beads -coated with oligo dT
>3) Magnetic beads -coated with oligo dT
>Which is easiest, best yeilding, best brand, most cost effective? 
>Bryan Parkes
>Waikato Uni. New Zealand.

A dear friend and past lab colleague of mine, Egil Olsen, helped develop the
para magnetic bead technology in Norway for Dynal. Your may wish to check with
this company (or any of their vendors). I only have at my disposal the USA

Dynal, Inc.
475 Northern Blvd
Great Neck, New York
 Tel: 1-800-638-9416
FAX: 516-829-0045

Egil Olsen's email, if you wish to contact him (via his wife Bjorg's email):
bfallang at

In NO WAY am I, nor have I ever been< affiliated with ANY commercial or
partial vested interest (I work for the provincial government, so MUST be
impartial as well as objective).



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