Kleckner's (lacZ)r1 mutation in R/M- cloning strains.

the End jgraham at bronze.ucs.indiana.edu
Fri Feb 26 14:02:28 EST 1993

Several of the E. coli strains based on E. Raliegh's restiriction system
mutants (ER1647, ER1648) that are available from NEB have a lacZ mutation
designated (lacZ)r1. This mutation appears to have been a replacement of the 
lacY mutation found in the trp mutant parent JC1552 , in N. Kleckner's 
lab, first seen in the NK7254 strain.

Does anyone have a specific description of the mutation ? It is not described
in the literature as far as I can tell.

Thanks much,

J. Graham
Biology and Chemistry Departments
Indiana University -Bloomington

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