Dear all,

Mr. K.R. Raj kraj at
Sat Feb 27 16:54:42 EST 1993

I would be gratefull if any of you out there can give me any information 
about the MMTV LTR promoter. I have cloned the lac Z gene under the control 
of this promoter and electroporated it into L cells (mouse cells) and 
obtained magnificient blue cells when I stained the cells with X-gal solution.
The promoter was turned on even before addition of Dexamethasone. With tith
the addition of Dexamethasone, the intensity of the blue increased about

Now here is the problem: When I electroporated the same DNA (MMTV LTR-lac Z)
into human cervical keratinocytes under electroporation conditions that were determin
optimised for human cervical keratinocytes, I manage to get a good
number of cells to take up the DNA but the cells fail to express
the lac Z gene. 

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