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>> Hello again, bionauts.
>> 	I am doing Westerns of total (cultured) cell protein in an effort to 
>>find out what happens when I transfect cells with my favourite DNAs.  I need a 
>     I wish I had your answer, but, unfortunately, I looked into this whole
> control-Ab issue a lot more than it sounds as though you've done, and I 
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Hello yet again, nutters.

I finally discovered a mouse IgG against human phosphorylase a.  But at GBP 
100 per 100ul it's not cheap.  I'm currently trying to get a freebie so I can
 do some species cross-reactivity tests with it :-)
  The supplier I found is Serotech, based in Kidlington, Oxford.  Right 
on my doorstep.  They have a free ab location service; I've got phone/fax #s 
if anyone wants them.

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