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Fri Jan 1 09:22:44 EST 1993

In <9301010746.AA15358 at> DTANG at VM1.SI.USHERB.CA (Denis Tang) writes:

>      I am looking for places where I can do FASTA or BLAST searches for
>proteins (is there another place than FASTA at EMBL-HEIDELBERG?).  Also, how can
>I get the PIR sequence numbered P1;S20314 

If you have the mailfasta script you can do FASTA seaches in JAPAN and BLAST
searches from NCBI. There are quite a few scripts floating about for unix and
vms that take the ache out of submitting mail for searches. The one I have
running on our system is mailfasta from Thon De Boer. It is essential. Anyone
with a unixbox should have it. It does so much.

I have sent you the file. I retrieved it via gopher from Dan Davison's 
gopher hole. If you do not have gopher on your system then use a public
access gopher. You will not regret it. Gopher is opening up the network
in ways that you would not have dreamed possible one year ago. You need it.
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