email/fax no. of HenrikGaroff/PeterLiljestorm of Karolinska

Dan Jacobson danj at
Wed Jan 6 09:44:57 EST 1993

In article <9301060620.AA22150 at> vrati at (Sudhanshu Vrati) writes:
>I need the email address and fax no. of Prof. Henrik Garoff and Dr. Peter
>Liljestrom who are at the Department of Molecular Biology, Huddinge Hospital,
>Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden.  Any body out there who may help ?
>Thanks in anticipation,

These would seem to be good sites for Liljestrom:

1) peli at
        Login name: peli                        In real life: Peter Liljestrom
        Directory: /home/cbt/peli               Shell: /bin/tcsh
        Last login Mon Dec 14 13:14 on ttyp2 from eel
        New mail received Wed Jan  6 00:05:40 1993;
          unread since Tue Jan  5 09:02:21 1993
        No Plan.

2) peli at (which refuses finger queries).

Best of luck,

Dan Jacobson

danj at

(BTW - this type of question is better suited for the 
bionet.users.addresses/bionaut newsgroup/mailing list.)

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