what do you need to publish?

Dr. N.A. Affara naffara at crc.ac.uk
Thu Jan 7 09:46:21 EST 1993

This may seem a strange question to ask...

If I have the sequence of a new gene and have mapped it to a specific 
chromosome, is there anything else I need or is that enough for a paper?

(Note I am not Dr Affara and I don't work at the MRC or whatever it says in the
heading, I am a technician who doesn't agree with his boss...)

(E-mail naffara at uk.ac.crc)

Kryten (When Cat says why don't we raise the defensive shields?) "A superlative
suggestion sir,with only two drawbacks: one,we don't have any defensive shields
and two,we don't have any defensive shields.I know that,technically,that's only
one drawback,but it was such a big one I thought I'd mention it twice".

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