Distribution of clone lengths

Bill Tozier bill at amy.med.upenn.edu
Thu Jan 7 11:55:22 EST 1993

Hello, everyone,
  I'm working on a project in which it becomes necessary
to know the distribution of sizes one expects in a DNA cloning
  What distribution of lengths (and redundancy, for that matter) would
one expect in:
  (1) DNA intended for plasmid cloning, say, with a 6-base cutter?
  (2) DNA intended for YAC cloning?

  Note that most isolation techniques skew a theoretical
distribution of restriction fragments' lengths, particularly
when optimizing for long DNAs. Sucrose gradients in a
classic plasmid cloning experiment, for instance.

  Can anyone please comment? I'd welcome references,
data derived from densitometric scans of cloned DNAs, or
simple theoretical considerations that I've missed in my
literature searches.

Thank you.

Bill Tozier
bill at amy.med.upenn.edu

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