Glycogen for DNA Precipitation

Ashok Aiyar ashok at
Thu Jan 7 19:33:02 EST 1993

In article <9301072225.AA18226 at> KNECHT at UCONNVM.UCONN.EDU (Dave Knecht) writes:

>I remember reading somewhere of people using glycogen as a carrier for precipit
>ation of DNA.  Can someone enlighten me as to a concentration to use, purity re
>quired and any pluses or minuses of this procedure that you have encountered? J

I feel awful about saying this, but I just buy this stuff called Molecular 
Biology Grade glycogen from Boehringer Mannheim.  I don't know the 
concentration, but add 1 ul of it to precipitations of any volume.  It works, 
and hasn't negatively interfered in any noticible may with any subsequent 
steps such as restriction digestion, ligation, or in vitro transcription with 
T7 RNA pol.


                              Ashok Aiyar 
                      Department of Biochemistry
                       CWRU School of Medicine

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