direct oligolabeling with Alk.Phosph?

ballagi at ballagi at
Fri Jan 8 06:47:09 EST 1993

  Dear Netters,

   We are runing lot of PCR here to detect virus in animals. After
amplification, the PCR products are hybridized with biotinylated 
oligoprobe and detected by Streptavidin-Alkaline Phosphatase.
   Is anybody out there having experience about oligo, directly labeled with
Alkaline Phosphatase?
   I appreciate any information concerning:
  , which companies has costum service for such labeling ? (I know only British
Bio-technology Products Ltd.)
  , how stabil is the enzyme on oligo ? (According to B-B yoy can keep it in
solution for at least 1 year at 4oC)

    Thanks in advance

         Andreas Ballagi (National Veterinary Institute, Uppsala, Sweden)
         ballagi at; fax: +46-18-17 45 17

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