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Dan Diaz bl275 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Sat Jan 9 05:39:58 EST 1993

In a previous article, naffara at crc.ac.uk (Dr. N.A. Affara) says:

>This may seem a strange question to ask...
>If I have the sequence of a new gene and have mapped it to a specific 
>chromosome, is there anything else I need or is that enough for a paper?
>(Note I am not Dr Affara and I don't work at the MRC or whatever it says in the
>heading, I am a technician who doesn't agree with his boss...)

Sounds like a communication appropriate for Nucleic Acids Research, but if
the boss you dont agree with had anything to do with this work, you may
want to make peace with him/her before submitting anything.
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