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Subj:	glycogen	

+>I remember reading somewhere of people using glycogen as a carrier for precipit
+>ation of DNA.  Can someone enlighten me as to a concentration to use, purity re
+>quired and any pluses or minuses of this procedure that you have encountered? J

+I feel awful about saying this, but I just buy this stuff called Molecular
+Biology Grade glycogen from Boehringer Mannheim.  I don't know the
+concentration, but add 1 ul of it to precipitations of any volume.  It works,
+and hasn't negatively interfered in any noticible may with any subsequent
+steps such as restriction digestion, ligation, or in vitro transcription with
+T7 RNA pol.

the boehringer glycogen has a conc. of 20 mg/ml, so you should add something
like 20 ug. this is also the range that i used, but i ordered from Renner (a
german based firm, doesn't matter). glycogen does not interfere with any 
reaction as far as i know, as we used it for preparation of small amounts
of rna, which were then used for various enzymatic reactions, like cDNA
synthesis etc. it does have a disavantage tho: the pellet does not cling
very well to the eppendorf anymore, and may be washed away. this was the
reason that i stopped using glycogen, and started working with 'invisible',
EtOH + LiCl or AmAc produced pellets.... 


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