Plastic to which DNA sticks?

Dennis J. Templeton djt2 at po.CWRU.Edu
Mon Jan 11 14:13:49 EST 1993

In a previous article, pouliot at GENETHON.GENETHON.FR (Yannick Pouliot) says:

>Hello fellow Netters.
>I'm writing for a colleague (Frederic Lorenzo):
>Does anybody remember the name and supplier of this plastic to which
>DNA can bind?  This would be for doing an ELISA-type assay using a
>digoxigenin-labelled probe.
>Yannick Pouliot 

I don't know of the "plastic" you speak of, though it seems possible.

You might consider using "filters", perhaps nitrocellulose locked into a
96 well dot blot manifold, then removing the filter afterwards to wash it.
Nylon could work well too.

I seem to recall a company offering a 96 well plate with nitrocellulose 
in the bottom, too.  Sorry, can't recall the details.


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