inosine in PCR primers

ballagi at ballagi at
Tue Jan 12 11:03:07 EST 1993

  Hi Stefan,

  I used inosine in PCR primers, and I find such primers are better, then
primers with redundancy. (Stronger individual bands, no by-products.) 
A 28 base long primer having 6 inosine was working too, but I think is better
not to use more then 4-6, depending on the lenght of the primer. To much
inosine can create hairspin.               
  An other approach is to introduce T instead of inosine in the positions you
want to have as "joker". T-T; C-T; G-C missmatches has no effect on
amplification, at least according to KWOK et al. (NAR Vol:18, No. 4 pp 999).
  I tried in one case and it was true. 
   I hope it helps 

        Andreas Ballagi
       Uppsala, Sweden

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