DNA purification

the End jgraham at bronze.ucs.indiana.edu
Tue Jan 12 22:55:22 EST 1993

I have used a similar technique with great success. It is even simpler.

Slice your gel (reg. or preferably lo-melt) and put it in an Eppendorf.
Freeze it min at -70C. Thaw it out and spin it hard in a microfuge.
Pour off the liquid. Again you have 10-50 ug/ul (in the super).

This DNA ligates well for me. Don't try to percipitate it or it will 
"disapear". Check a few ul on a gel to reassure yourself.

Hey I wonder if I could sell this to "Clonegouge" as a kit ?

Just kidding,

J. Graham
Biology/Chemistry Departments
Indiana University -Bloomington

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