Deionization of old acrylamide

Bruce Elder elder at CGL.UCSF.EDU
Thu Jan 14 14:09:14 EST 1993

Alex Jeffires writes:

                Dear World,

        My lab makes acrylamide stock solutions for *ALL* uses in the following
        50% acrylamide
        2% bisacrylamide
        Deionize by stiring with amberlite beads for 1 hour

        My question is;
        Can I re-deionize an old (1 to 2 months) acrylamide stock solution by
simply repeating the amberlite step?

        The reason is that after 1 to 2 months the acrylamide cause smearing of
sequencing bands but there is often much unused acrylamide left. It seems a
waste to throw it all away.

The feeling in our lab is that you can re-ionize, but why bother. Make-up 
smaller batches of your stock and use it up before it goes off. For us
the amberlite is not that easy to get since the vendors seem to have limited
stocks on hand for shipping (at least last time we needed some). It's not
all that cheap either.

Bruce Elder
elder at

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