Glycogen for DNA Precipitation

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Thu Jan 14 17:08:11 EST 1993

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>Subject: Re: Glycogen for DNA Precipitation
>Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1993 19:26:06 GMT
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>KNECHT at UCONNVM.UCONN.EDU (Dave Knecht) writes:
>>I remember reading somewhere of people using glycogen as a carrier for precipit
>>ation of DNA.  Can someone enlighten me as to a concentration to use, purity re
>>quired and any pluses or minuses of this procedure that you have encountered? J
>We also must be using the Glycogen from Boehringer Mannheim.  Add 1ml to
>the DNA in ethanol and spin.  Glycogen is supposed to be a volume excluder
>(as far as I know), but we in our lab are convinced, that its main
>effect is a psychological one.  After adding glycogen, you all a sudden
>see a pellet.  That might be mostly glycogen, but it's a PELLET as oppose
>to nothing visible.  We haven't noticed any negative effects, yet. I've
>used it on DNA that was supposed to be cut, ligated, electrophoresed and
>probably others.

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