Deionization of old acrylamide

Lakshman Ramamurthy lakshma at
Fri Jan 15 10:44:31 EST 1993

21 gms urea (7 M)
3 gms  acrylamide
0.15 gm bis-acrylamide
2.5 mls 20x TBE
add 28.5 mls water.
microwaveat high setting for 22 seconds. gently swirl to dissolve
all contents.
weigh out 0.1 gm ammonium persulfate in a microfug tube and then
dissolve in 1 ml. Use 0.75 ml.
filter, degas. Add 6 ul TEMED. Pour the gel. I have about 15 mls left
over which I check to see how quickly the polymerization occurs.
It takes about 20 to 30 minutes.
Does anyone else do it this way? It works for me..regards, Lakshman.

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