Deionization of old acrylamide

Martin Kennedy cytogen at
Sat Jan 16 00:10:31 EST 1993

In article <1993Jan14.145228.77 at>, wmelchior at writes:
> In article <1j3k24INN9mk at>,
> ajeffrie at (Alex Jeffries) gives his recipe for
> acrylamide of sequencing gels, and then asks: 
>> Can I re-deionize an old (1 to 2 months) acrylamide stock solution by
>> simply repeating the amberlite step?

> Bill Melchoir replied with an "insta-gel" recip, and states:
> I have used this solution when it's been over a year old, with no problems.  

I use a very similar recipe to Bill's, although to polymerize I add 2ul of 25%
ammonium persulphate (fresh) and 2ul of TEMED for every ml of acrylamide mix. 
I've also used the stock when it's been well over a year old, and I honestly
can't see much difference when compared to fresh gel mixes (perhaps bands at
the top of the sequencing gel do smear a little bit more, but I still get much
the same amount of reliable sequence off the gel).


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