Rodger Staden's address

jasper at jasper at
Fri Jan 15 16:52:12 EST 1993

>>Does anybody know RS's email address? The one I have does not work ...

Someone should put Rodger's address in the FAQ I think ! (Since the chances 
that he will spend time reading Bionet are about less than zero)

>       Roger Staden's e-mail address is: rs at

This sould be fine, otherwise try  rs at

Though the MX records are the same for these now I check actually.

> []
> Login name: staden                      In real life: STADEN Development
> Directory: /mg/staden                   Shell: /bin/csh
> Last login Mon Jun 15, 1992 on console
> No unread mail
> No Plan.

I doubt this is him somehow unless it was set up for a course or something.

> danj at

jasper rees

jasper at

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