Dispersion of Agarose

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>>I can't help cursing myself whenever I prepare agarose gels and
>>the suspension happens to overboil inside the microwave.
>We had a pressure cooker attached to a timer.  Put the agaraose/buffer in, make
>sure there is some water in the bottom, set the timer to 20 minutes, and go do
>something else.  20 minutes later you have nice hot agar and it never boils
>over!  No aggravation---but one does need to think ahead a bit.

Why so fancy? For standard agarose gels, we just use an old pot on a
bunsen burner with water in it. Put the flask in with agarose, and boil
(as they say in French) bain marie. Nothing burns, nothing overflows.
Simple. Cheap.

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