Purity of DNA

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In article <1jd1uvINNm4i at uniwa.uwa.edu.au>, mitch at uniwa.uwa.edu.au (Michelle Waycott) writes:
> How does the A260/A280 method of DNA concentration and purity compare to
> the fluorometer method for these determinations.  I have people swear to
> me that the fluorometric method is better!
> Mitch
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To my great surprise, my lab finds the fluorometer much more reliable:
our results in in situ hybridisation (which is very probe-conc-dependent)
are much more reliable after fluorimetry, using Qiagen'd plasmids/phage/cosmids.

And the readings can be several-fold different from spec. readings. I really
don't understand, but then - if it works, I don't care (at least not too much).

Explanations, anyone?

Mike M.

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