PCR sequencing

DAVID SCOTT DSCT at db1.cc.rochester.edu
Mon Jan 18 13:13:47 EST 1993

To follow my above posts, I noted (it was noted for me)
 I did not say what I got. On the sequencing gel I got indistinguishable
smears. the other side of the gel was used for sequincing via another 
technique, and produced good sequence (unfortunatly of something else)
So, the end lableing probably worked (as the smears were all the way down
the gel) and the gel itself was fine, as the other sequence came out.

I am worried about getting errors by amplifying too much, and that is why
I have kept the cycle number down.

I would take this to e-mail,but I have received several responces asking 
to know how things are going. Anyway, any help would be apreciated.

			Gavin Fischer
			University of Rochester Cancer Center

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