drosophila TM6 balancer

Don Gilbert gilbertd at chipmunk.bio.indiana.edu
Wed Jan 20 17:23:52 EST 1993

In article <1jk763INNi69 at gazette.bcm.tmc.edu> ak990140 at SPECIALK.IAIMS.BCM.TMC.EDU (Arthur Kania) writes:
>I'm looking for the lethal phase of the Tm6 balancer chromosome of Drosophila
>(Tb, Hu, e markers)

I used Internet Gopher to search the Drosophila stock lists at IUBio archive
(ftp.bio.indiana.edu).  Here are results for searching the Bloomington
stock center list which may help you.

                    Internet Gopher Information Client v1.00

                 Search stocks at Bloomington, USA : tm6 tb hu e

      1.  #1700  TM2, ry[SC] red Ubx[130] e[s]/TM6B, Tb Hu ry[CB] e ca.
      2.  #1792  TM3, Sb p[p] e[s]/TM6B, Tb Hu red e.
 -->  3.  #3619  brm[2] e[s] ca/TM6B, Hu Sb e Tb ca.
There are other stock center and lab stock lists available
in the Flybase section of this archive.

In a more general vein, are Drosophila biologists interested in
having a Bionet newsgroup devoted to fruit flies?  Some of us in
the Flybase project intend to soon propose a bionet.(genome?).drosophila
group, if there is interest among network news readers.

-- Don
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