breaking small volumes of S.pombe

Fri Jan 22 17:46:00 EST 1993

%%%%%%%%%%%%%  David Writes%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
I need to break small volumns of S. pombe (fision yeast), approx 1 ml, in
the presence of 100mM HCl to extract the acid soluble thiols.
I have tried grinding with no luck. Any other ideas.

David Salt, University of Guelph
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Hi David!
    You should be able to use acid washed glass beads 
0.5 mm diameter (sigma # G-9268) and vortex.
See article by Moreno et al (1991) in Method in Enzymology
vol 194,pg795.Ed by Guthrie and Fink (Guide to Yeast Genetics
and Molecular Biology)  A reference to DNA/RNA/ Protein preps
is on page 817-819.
Good Luck
Dan Gietz
Department of Human Genetics
University of Manitoba
770 Bannatyne Ave, Rm 250
Winnipeg, Man, Canada
R3E 0W3

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