Colony Hybridisation with biotinylated oligo

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Fri Jan 22 16:14:00 EST 1993

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>I'm trying to set up a system for doing colony hybridisations using a
>biotinylated oligo (23-mer) and using streptavidin-biotin-alkaline phosphatase
>and NBT/BCIP to get the colour reaction...
>I've spotted the oligo onto a filter and can read a signal down to 10pg but
>when i hybe with the oligo and develop the colour i get a nice purple

	Sounds to me like you need better blocking.  Some kits come with
a "Secret Blocking Reagent" which is probably BSA.  Also, you can try
pre-hybridizing with a mixture of salmon sperm and plasmid without insert.

Colony blotting is a very dirty proceedure. I've also read of a technique
where a library is subdivided by plating transformed bacteria on a large
number of plates (maybe 1000 to 10,000 clones per plate), then the colonies 
from each plate are pooled for a large scale plasmid prep (keeping a replica,
of course).  The plasmid pools are then tested by dot blot hybridization.
Pools with positive signal are sudivided and the proceedure repeated, etc.

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