DNA purification

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Sun Jan 24 18:31:17 EST 1993

In <9301231503.AA04046 at net.bio.net> KNECHT at UCONNVM.bitnet (Dave Knecht) writes:

>In regard to JGraham's message about DNA disappearing after precipitation in th
>ese purification schemes.  I have had the same experience.  Any ideas out there
> as to what is going on and how to prevent it? It is only a problem for me in t
>rying to purify from agarose.  Is there a precipitatoin inhibitor in the agar?

Yeah. What is that thing ?
I have however heard that big spenders have been able to concentrate the 
eluate with Amicon microfiltration columns. My original post also may have
suggested yields in the microgram/ microliter range. The abbreviation was
meant to suggest nanograms per microliter (10-50).

J. Graham

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