problems with mrna quantitation

Tue Jan 26 17:36:13 EST 1993

>Fellow netters:

>I have recently analysed my results during a quantitative rna analysis.
>During my analysis I used rRNA as a standard for the year to compare my
>summer hormone mrna levels.  I am dealing with temperate fish so I was
>expecting the summer hormone rna's : rRNA levels to be high during periods of
>rapid growth and the opposite to be the case during the winter months.

>However, I found just the opposite to take place.  That is to say that the
>ratios were high during the winter and low during the summer.  This is sort
>of an indication to me that in, winter flounder, the fish which I am
>presently studying rRNA varies considerably over the year.  Would anyone
>know of another mRNA which remains constant throughout the year which I
>would be able to use as a standard.
>Also, I was wondering if anyone would know if it would be a good idea to
>add a foreign rna to the G.T.C. extraction mixture to show quantitative rna
>extraction when using different probes.

>thanx Juan

Hollander, M.C. and Fornace, A.J., Jr.:  Estimation of relative mRNA content by
filter hybridization to a polythymidylate probe.  Biotechniques 9:  174-179,

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