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Martin Kennedy cytogen at chmeds.ac.nz
Tue Jan 26 16:57:12 EST 1993

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> I'm running fairly long (52 cm) sequencing gels with labelled DNA
> fragments.  Right now we have to cut the top 10 cm because we don't have
> X-ray film that's long enough.  I recall seeing X-ray film in rolls
> somewhere.  Does anybody recall brand, size and price?
> Also, we don't have a gel dryer that accomodates long gels.  Any
> alternative drying method?
> Cheers everybody
> Pablo A. Scolnik
> scolnipa at esva.dnet.dupont.com


I used to dry my gels onto the plate, in a 65o^ oven, after placing dampened
Whatman 3M strips around all the edges.  Works fine, but you have to soak the
gels to remove them.  Amersham sell rolls of paper for 35S sequencing gels,
called Hyperpaper (Catalog no RPN1804/1805), in rolls of 20cm or 30cm width,
15.8m long; this stuff works just as well as film, but it's not so convenient
for digitizing. 



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