RNA gels

Tue Jan 26 05:45:34 EST 1993

fm at "wsun at jeeves.ucsd.edu" writes:
>I am about to do a Northern blot.  I am thinking of running the
>RNA out on 1% formaldehyde gel.  The fragment I want to detect
>is at least 3 kb.  The question is how long should I run the
>gel?  Does anyone know what size RNA correspond to the
>bromophenol blue dye front?

I lifted the ff info from Curr Protocols in Molec. Biol. (but
these are based on DNA data--I guess ssDNA should migrate
comparably with RNA of equal length under denaturing condition):

  Acrylamide	   Bromphenol Blue	Xylene Cynanol
     (%)	   Marker  (b)		Marker (b)
      5                35                    130
      6                26                    106
      8                19                     75
     10                12                     55

I hope this helps.

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