Long Seq Gels

Michael Benedik bchs1b at Elroy.UH.EDU
Tue Jan 26 00:42:47 EST 1993

In article <2B643AFA at adminbldg.lan1.umanitoba.ca>, GIETZ at bldghsc.lan1.umanitoba.ca writes:
>I'm running fairly long (52 cm) sequencing gels with labelled DNA
>fragments.  Right now we have to cut the top 10 cm because we don't have
>X-ray film that's long enough.  I recall seeing X-ray film in rolls
>somewhere.  Does anybody recall brand, size and price?
>Also, we don't have a gel dryer that accomodates long gels.  Any
>alternative drying method?
>Cheers everybody
>Pablo A. Scolnik
>scolnipa at esva.dnet.dupont.com
>    Why don't you try cutting the gel with a razor blade
>and putting your gel to film in pieces.  If you load a sample
>twice (at two different times) the place of the cut should
>be no problem ( Overlap with the other load).  This worked 
>for me when I was using King Kong gels.
>Dan Gietz
>Department of Human Genetics
>University of Manitoba
>770 Bannatyne Ave, Rm 250
>Winnipeg, Man, Canada
>R3E 0W3

I agree with Dan that cutting the gel is probably the simplest. But
long film does exist. A few years ago (I just counted and that means
8 years) we were running 1 meter sequencing gels and had obtained 1 m
long film and cassettes and even intensifying screens (the good old days).
The film was standard kodak x-omat. So I would directly contact kodak or
an appropriate kodak x-ray material distributor.

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