Long Seq Gels

wmelchior at ntet.nctr.fda.gov wmelchior at ntet.nctr.fda.gov
Tue Jan 26 09:30:28 EST 1993

> Also, we don't have a gel dryer that accomodates long gels.  Any
> alternative drying method?

I bind the gel to one of the glass plates, making for easier handling, but
meaning a regular gel dryer can't be used.  I now put the plate in an oven
for an hour at about 100 deg C.  Before we got a large oven I used to put
the gel under a group of hair dryers for a couple of hours.  It was noisy
and not as fast as an oven, but it works.  I would think this would also
work for a gel transfered to paper. 
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