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In article <1993Jan28.142542.14090 at>, A8101DAL at (Martin Hetzer) writes:
>Usually people use the POLAROID system to take pictures of their
>EB stained gels. Who has tried reflex camera for this purpose and
>which film type and sensitivity is recommended?
>Thanks in advance

I know a number of labs who use either 35mm cameras or 3x5 sheet film instead
of polaroid. The labs I know opt for speed and use Kodak Tri-x film which
is more than sufficient for photographing gels. The main advantage is
cost and quality of photos which can be made for publication. The disadvantage
is that if you use 35mm roll film then you need to wait until the roll is
all shot in order to develop it (if you only take 1-2 pictures per roll
you lose the cost advantage). Sheet film is also pretty cheap and you
can develop each sheet as you make it.
Of course developing the film every time you take a gel is a big pain in
my opinion.
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