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In article <9301251402.AA17477 at esds01.es.dupont.com> scolnipa at esvax.dnet.dupont.com writes:
>I'm running fairly long (52 cm) sequencing gels with labelled DNA
>fragments.  Right now we have to cut the top 10 cm because we don't have
>X-ray film that's long enough.  I recall seeing X-ray film in rolls
>somewhere.  Does anybody recall brand, size and price?
>Also, we don't have a gel dryer that accomodates long gels.  Any
>alternative drying method?
>Pablo A. Scolnik

	I used to run really long gels in Dr. Yoder's lab a Cornell.  Instead
of using a gel dryer, we would open the two glass plates (with the gel 
sticking to the back plate-hopefully!), fix the gel on the plate in
Mehtanol/Acetic acid, and then dry the gel right onto the plate in a 95'C
oven.  You can then put your X-ray film right on the plate, cover with
another glass plate (so it doesn't move around) and expose for however
long you need in a light tight box. If your are really intent on getting
the top of the gel, just cut another piece of X-ray film and put it on top.
After you are done with the gel, strip it off the glass by soaking overnight
in 3M NaOH.


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