western blotting advice -ECL

Mark S. kh at litsun17.epfl.ch
Thu Jan 28 12:59:34 EST 1993

    > I have been using the ECL  kit  from Amersham to do some western
    > blotting, but it seems almost too sensitive.  I get all kinds of
    > background   (not    the   diffuse   kind    from   insufficient
    > blocking/washing) but jillions of specific  bands that shouldn't
    > really be  there.  Has anyone experiance with  this application,
    > and/or  suggestions  as how to  diminish the background problem?

I usually do blocking (milkpowder) overnight and incubate first anti-
body at least 4 h. This does not solve the problem completely but the
results are much more clear.

please reply to dj02 at dkauni2.bitnet.

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