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Fri Jan 29 12:34:31 EST 1993

In article <1993Jan28.115930.10641 at> mball at writes:
>We are in the throes of purchasing a new thermal cycler.
>Our requirements are large capacity and preferably not
>forced air heating because we are radiolabeling the product
>in the reaction.  The models under consideration are:
> an MJR PTC-100-96
> a Techne  model unclear but 96 well format and
> a Hybaid OmniGene
>I would greatly appreciate comments on these machines.
>We are very concerned with the subject of reliability
>since we have heard rumors that the MJR peltier device 
>is prone to failure.
>Is there an FAQ on this subject?
>Thanks in advance
>Marty Ball
>Biology Dept
>Dalhousie University

We just got an MJ Research mini-cycler and we like it very much.  They're so
inexpensive that you can get 2 and have both flexibility and capacity.  I know
people that have used the older, larger MJ machine for years without problems.

Gary Rudnick

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