Aerosol Resistant Tips for PCR RXNs

Jim Owens jow at
Thu Jul 1 17:21:05 EST 1993

In article <C9I3Hx.Ip5 at> Peter M. Muriana,
muriana at writes:
>A question for those heavily involved with PCR: Are aerosol resistant
>(pipette tips with those built-in filters) a necessity or just a
>If they're indispensible, can you suggest a supplier (in the U.S.).
>	Peter

My opinion is that they are not necessary if you are
obssessively-compulsively neat, tidy and an exceedingly careful worker
surrounded by others who are the same.  Supposedly it is possible to
splash PCR products or DNA from other experiments on the pipettor itself
and spread minute amounts of such to subsequent PCRs.  It is helpful not
to use the same pipettors for non-PCR work.  It is nice if you can do
PCRs in a separate lab or in a particular isolation container.  All these
things and the aerosol tips are "safe practices" for those who have
problems with controls not working.


Jim Owens

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